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W3 D1 Workout Log – P90X: Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X

17 August 2011 marked Week 3 Day 1 of my P90X/TurboFire Hybrid workout schedule. Intensity 98%. Don’t think I’ll ever reach 100%, lol. I’ll keep pushing toward it though. Was super hyped up this morning to work out, as I’d taken some time off to catch up on much needed rest…and work. A few days off shouldn’t have happened though. After completing these workouts, I still feel I have more to give (later today), so we’ll see what happens. Might throw in a HIIT.

Overall FITness impression (results):

Strength improvement from last week. I attacked each set of pushups perhaps a bit harder than I should have the first round. Each set, I dropped a little lower to the ground than the previous week and still had the endurance to match my numbers. Sweet!

Needs Improvement:
Decline push-ups and Dive bombers. I used this chance to do more full body push-ups apart form the decline ones, which are killer on my tendonitis. I’m making it my point to continue to build up to the decline push ups. They will NOT defeat me! The Diver bombers however…I did them!! Ok, so I’ve doe them before in the past, but I felt my form was awful. Today they were graceful. Smiling from ear to ear as I completed my set of 7. Starting to like these. By the end of next week, I hope to do 15.

Additional Notes:
So last week, I said I would attempt the Heavy Pants with bands instead of the 10lbs weights, just to see if it added resistance. No happening! Tougher bands next time. The red bands just weren’t cutting it.


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